3-Node cluster setup

I have created a Elasticsearch node with enrolment token configured. Now I'm trying to attach two other nodes to the running node as a cluster. It gave this error,

This node will be reconfigured to join an existing cluster, using the enrollment token that you provided.
This operation will overwrite the existing configuration. Specifically: 
  - Security auto configuration will be removed from elasticsearch.yml
  - The [certs] config directory will be removed
  - Security auto configuration related secure settings will be removed from the elasticsearch.keystore
Do you want to continue with the reconfiguration process [y/N] y
Unable to communicate with the node on https://ip:9200/_security/enroll/node. Error was No route to host
ERROR: Aborting enrolling to cluster. Could not communicate with the node on any of the addresses from the enrollment token. All of [ip:9200] were attempted.

After this, all attempts to connect this node to cluster ends in failure, with this error

ERROR: Aborting enrolling to cluster. This node doesn't appear to be auto-configured for security. Expected configuration is missing from elasticsearch.yml.

Is there any way I can connect this node without reinstalling elasticsearch ?

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This suggests that you may have networking issues. Can you curl the existing cluster from the new node?

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network issues resolved. Now the error says I don't have security configured. Do I need to reinstall elasticsearch ?

Please share the error.

What is the exact command you are running here?

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