Enterprise Search cannot connect to Kibana on startup

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to setup Enterprise Search through Docker compose using this guide (Running Enterprise Search using Docker | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.3] | Elastic)

So far, the ES and Kibana containers can startup correctly and are healthy but for some reason, when the Enterprise Search one tries, it can not connect to Kibana backend even though is it started and healthy. Here are a snippet of the logs :

enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:12.570+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: Elastic Enterprise Search version=8.3.2, JRuby version=, Ruby version=2.6.8, Rails version=5.2.8
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.143+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: Performing pre-flight checks for Elasticsearch running on https://es01:9200...
enterprisesearch_1  | WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
enterprisesearch_1  | WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.jruby.javasupport.binding.ConstantField (file:/usr/share/enterprise-search/lib/war/lib/jruby-core- to field sun.security.x509.X509CertImpl.SIG
enterprisesearch_1  | WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of org.jruby.javasupport.binding.ConstantField
enterprisesearch_1  | WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
enterprisesearch_1  | WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.578+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch cluster is ready
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.580+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Successfully connected to Elasticsearch
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.623+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Successfully loaded Elasticsearch plugin information for all nodes
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.633+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch running with an active basic license
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.651+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch API key service is enabled
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.661+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: [pre-flight] Elasticsearch will be used for authentication
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.662+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: Elasticsearch looks healthy and configured correctly to run Enterprise Search
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.663+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: Performing pre-flight checks for Kibana running on http://localhost:5601...
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.684+00:00][8][4004][app-server][WARN]: [pre-flight] Failed to connect to Kibana backend. Make sure it is running and healthy.
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.686+00:00][8][4004][app-server][ERROR]: Could not connect to Kibana backend after 0 seconds.
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:14.687+00:00][8][4004][app-server][WARN]: Enterprise Search is unable to connect to Kibana. Ensure it is running at http://localhost:5601 for user elastic.
enterprisesearch_1  | [2022-07-20T15:31:18.220+00:00][8][4004][app-server][INFO]: Elastic APM agent is disabled

It then exits with code 137.

.env and docker-compose.yml file have not been touched except to set the passwords, they were straight copied/pasted from the official guide.

Hi @Emeto , welcome to the community!

Not being able to connect to Kibana shouldn't be a stopper for Enterprise Search to start. I've just tested the original docker-compose instructions and work fine for me.

Can you upload the whole Enterprise Search log so we can understand what went wrong?


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