Entity extraction using elasticsearch

I need to develop an application which will take input as a text article,then it will search for named entities like a person, an organization then import this data to CSV file. is there any way to do it? I searched for entity extraction and I came across open NLP which is now deprecated. any other plug-in to do it?

With elasticsearch 5.0, you will be able to use https://github.com/spinscale/elasticsearch-ingest-opennlp

Thanks. do we have to run it from gradle?

I'm not sure. May be @spinscale already released some versions?


I havent done any release yet, so you need to build it locally via gradle. Just run gradle assemble to get the zip file.


I am trying to install it now, getting error unable to download out of all possible location


feel free to file an issue in the repo including how to reproduce your problem as well as outputs/logfiles.


Any solution for could not find plugin descriptor error?

Again, please file an issue and provide all the steps you did to get to this message (including the build and the command you run, as well as the elasticsearch version you are using and the java version). With just a snippet of a message it is impossible to help and solve those kind of issues.

Sure. Thanks