Elasticsearch Ingest Opennlp

(Bharamani) #1

Hi All,

Do we have elasticsearch-ingest-opennlp plugin for Elastic Search Version 5.5.2?

This is available for 5.2.0 then 6.2.2 . these both are not supporting for 5.5.2

I have searched but no luck.

For Ref . https://github.com/spinscale/elasticsearch-ingest-opennlp

If anybody have idea please provide input.

(Tal Levy) #2

Hi, not much has changed between 5.2.0 and 5.5.2 with respect to ingest plugins (I don't think), so re-building that plugin against 5.5.2 should not be too difficult.

If you are feeling up for it, you should try it out!

I'm happy to help and answer questions

(Bharamani) #3

Thanks Talevy,

I will give a try.

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