Elasticsearch Ingest Opennlp

Hi All,

Do we have elasticsearch-ingest-opennlp plugin for Elastic Search Version 5.5.2?

This is available for 5.2.0 then 6.2.2 . these both are not supporting for 5.5.2

I have searched but no luck.

For Ref . https://github.com/spinscale/elasticsearch-ingest-opennlp

If anybody have idea please provide input.

Hi, not much has changed between 5.2.0 and 5.5.2 with respect to ingest plugins (I don't think), so re-building that plugin against 5.5.2 should not be too difficult.

If you are feeling up for it, you should try it out!

I'm happy to help and answer questions

Thanks Talevy,

I will give a try.

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