Ingest attachment - new versions in maven

I was using elasticsearch 2.0 and plugin for attachments (mapper-attachments) for it and everything was fine. But now I switched to elastic current version 5.4.0 and have to use new plugin for attachments (ingest-attachment) version 5.4.0. It is possible to download zip file by the link. But no updates in maven - the last version for this plugin there was for version 5.0.0-alpha. Is it possible to add new versions into maven for this plugin? (I can't use it locally by the policy)
Thank you.

The doc gives the link:


Source code is available on GitHub.

Are you trying to embed that lib in your code or something?

on GitHub executing task ':plugins:ingest-attachment:thirdPartyAudit' is failed.
Today I downloaded .zip for elasticsearch 5.4.

What are you trying to do ?

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