Elasticsearch-plugin consistently installs plugins EARLIER than my version

I have a ES 5.2 cluster
I would think there would be some version checking so the application does NOT install incompatible versions.

Why does elasticsearch-plugin installer do this?

Also it seems the documentation to install a plugin from a zip file is hidden somewhere or scarce.
Particullay Im trying to install mapper-attachments-5.2.2.zip

I think there is more to it than creating plugins directory and unzipping there....

In the ES_HOME directory I create a plugins directory and unzip mapper-attachments-5.2.2.zip that creates a elasticsearch directory,Then i do ES_HOME/elasticsearch-plugin install mapper-attachments and it again installs a pre 5,2 version

Seems the online documentation has inconsistencies as well...

"Mapper Attachments Plugin edit
Deprecated in 5.0.0.
The mapper-attachments plugin has been replaced by the ingest-attachment plugin"

Im running
elasticsearch -version
Version: 5.2.2, Build: f9d9b74/2017-02-24T17:26:45.835Z, JVM: 1.8.0_121

I simply do
elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment

yet the installer is installing plugins before version 2.0!!

again a failure...

[2017-03-14T22:38:32,971][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap ] Exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not load plugin descriptor for existing plugin [ingest-attachment]. Was the plugin built before 2.0?

yum update elasticsearch

Setting up Update Process
elasticsearch-5.x | 1.3 kB
No Packages marked for Update

I just ran elasticsearch-5.2.2/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment on a freshly extracted download of ES and didn't have any issues.

The docs are not incorrect, that is the command you need to run.

BTW mapper attachments is deprecated.

May be you did not uninstall existing plugins?

Complete output below and attached log

1 My initial issue - is why does ES allow installing of incompatible plugins?

I did a rpm install using your repository
this was installed last week
no other ES was installed on this cluster
using the repo gives me the ES_HOME of

name=Elasticsearch repository for 5.x packages

[root@server ~]# elasticsearch -version
Version: 5.2.2, Build: f9d9b74/2017-02-24T17:26:45.835Z, JVM: 1.8.0_121

[root@server ~]# ls -ltr /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin
total 32
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2573 Feb 24 12:29 elasticsearch-translog
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 223 Feb 24 12:29 elasticsearch-systemd-pre-exec
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2599 Feb 24 12:29 elasticsearch-plugin
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 404 Feb 24 12:29 elasticsearch.in.sh
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 7852 Feb 24 12:29 elasticsearch
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Mar 11 08:49 x-pack
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Mar 14 21:02 plugins

[root@server ~]# /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin list

[root@server ~]# /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment
-> Downloading ingest-attachment from elastic
[=================================================] 100%
@ WARNING: plugin requires additional permissions @

  • java.lang.RuntimePermission getClassLoader
  • java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission suppressAccessChecks
  • java.security.SecurityPermission createAccessControlContext
  • java.security.SecurityPermission insertProvider
  • java.security.SecurityPermission putProviderProperty.BC
    See http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/technotes/guides/security/permissions.html
    for descriptions of what these permissions allow and the associated risks.
    Continue with installation? [y/N]y
    -> Installed ingest-attachment

[root@server ~]# /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin list

[root@server ~]# service elasticsearch start
[root@server ~]# service elasticsearch restart
Stopping elasticsearch: [ OK ]
Starting elasticsearch: [FAILED]

cluster log showing error here

boils down to

[2017-03-15T15:52:28,651][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap ] Exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not load plugin descriptor for existing plugin [ingest-attachment]. Was the plugin built before 2.0?
at org.elasticsearch.plugins.PluginsService.getPluginBundles(PluginsService.java:295) ~[elasticsearch-5.2.2.jar:5.2.2]

Can you post or gist/pastebin/etc the entire log please?

The entire log is here

Im sure you don't expect me to have the log from day 1...

At the bottom of the page listed above - there is a link to my current log running 4 nodes

I removed the ingest-mapper so ES could start

you can get the log here as well

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