Problems Installing plugin on debian

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I've installed elasticsearch on a debian server. Now I try to install some plugins but have no luck.
What I've tried is
sudo bin/plugin --install ingest-attachment
sudo bin/plugin --install elasticsearch/ingest-attachment
sudo bin/plugin --install elasticsearch/ingest-attachment/latest
sudo bin/plugin --install elasticsearch/ingest-attachment/5.4.0
All of this commands only give me error that it cant install because it dont find install file

Then I tried this
sudo bin/plugin --url
And nothing happens, but no error
Tried this
sudo bin/plugin --install
And now I get:
Failed to install, reason: plugin directory /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins already exists. To update the plugin, uninstall it first using -remove command

Then i tried to download above mentioned zipfile with wget and then
sudo bin/plugin --install file://
But then I got error
Failed to install ngest-attachment/, reason: plugin directory /usr/shar e/elasticsearch/plugins already exists. To update the plugin, uninstall it first using -remove st-attachment/ command

Yes there is a plugin folder, but its empty. If I try to run
sudo bin/plugin --list
I got
Installed plugins:
- No plugin detected in /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins

So if anyone can tell me how i install ingest-attachment plugin, because this was not as easy at it should be

Best Regards,
Pål Sindre HIåsen

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The right way is

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment

(Sindre Hiåsen) #3

Thanks for your reply. Problem is that this command dont work
sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment
sudo: bin/elasticsearch-plugin: command not found

I dont have elasticsearch-plugin thats where I started to check. And after some work figured out to use only sudo bin/plugin


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It looks you're running an old version of ES here (probably the one hosted on Debian repos)

I would suggest you to add the Elastic repo:

deb stable main
and then upgrade.

Please refer to regarding instructions to add ES repo.

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Thanks for your answer.

Yes I installed first time just from debian repos.
I've deleted and installed it again, and now plugins are installed.

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