Err Empty Response From Kibana

Hi @xeraa

I am getting Err Empty Response from Kibana after multiple refresh i am getting elk screen and after that while fetching apm i am getting this issue can you please hlep me to solve this we have 16 gb ram where 10gb is available also Not able to find this issue in logs

Like I said on Twitter:

  1. These look like different problems to me?
  2. The second screenshot might be related to A single content security policy error appears in browser console on load · Issue #30468 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
  3. Are there any similar errors for the first screenshot?

First screensshot is in apm server which shows fail to fetch and getting those ..

And from yesterday i am getting like this while loading kibana

Those look like different issues. The last one looks like you're not even getting a response. For that I'd start with the Kibana log.

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