Error accessing elastic monitoring tab on kibana

Hi all
After upgraded my cluster to version 8.1 now i cannot access the tab stack monitoring anymore

it keep give me this error

Access Denied
You are not authorized to access Monitoring. To use Monitoring, you need the privileges granted by both the `kibana_admin` and `monitoring_user ` roles.

If you are attempting to access a dedicated monitoring cluster, this might be because you are logged in as a user that is not configured on the monitoring cluster.

and on kibana log i get this

security_exception: [security_exception] Reason: action [indices:data/read/search] is unauthorized for user [elastic] with roles [superuser], this action is granted by the index privileges [read,all]

Is there a way to fix this issue
Thanks for your time.

Has anyone encounter this error before? Is there a solution for this error?

I believe those users have roles that have been deprecated. You need a user with higher privileges now.

The user i tried have the superuser roles, it still give me access denied.
I event tried to use user build-in elastic to accesss the page and it still give me access denied.
I'm not sure what is blocking me from accessing monitoring.

Hey. The issue is solved by adding monitoring.ui.ccs.enabled: false in kibana.yml as mentioned in Stack Monitoring "access denied" after 8.0.0 upgrade · Issue #125756 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Thanks that solve my issue.

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