Error after upgrading from 1.5 to 1.7.5 during script execution

After upgrading from ES 1.5 to ES 1.7.5, my inline scripted update no longer work. Everything else seems to work except for things involving scripts.

Here's the exception I'm getting:

POST test/doc/1/_update
"lang": "groovy",
"script": "ctx._source.poop = "asdf""

"error": "ElasticsearchIllegalArgumentException[failed to execute script]; nested: GroovyScriptCompilationException[MultipleCompilationErrorsException[startup failed:\nIO Exception attempting to load global transforms:/usr/share/elasticsearch/lib/groovy-all-2.4.0.jar (No such file or directory)\n\n1 error\n]]; ",
"status": 400

When I go look at that directory, I see groovy-all-2.4.4.jar; not groovy-all-2.4.0.jar. I installed ES from the debian repo here:

Anything else I can try to alleviate this issue?