Error "Cannot resolve module 'fs'"

Hi all,
I'm trying to include canvg library by require command inside my plugin controller but on kibana startup log shows me an error like the one in the title and application do not start.
Which is the suggested way to solve this issue?
There is another way to include external library then the one with require command?

Looks like canvg on npm is not the same as You will need to either install this module using npm's support for github:

npm install canvg/canvg

or download it to your plugin source directory (along with it's dependencies).

Hi spalger,
yes installing canvg/canvg from npm solve the issue.
But I've always problems when adding other external libraries.
Maybe I'm to noob with webpack, is there a place to study how to approach with external libraries inside kibana?
Thnak you so much

There is a little information available here:

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