Error: Could not find or load main class Files\Microsoft

I am writing this down because maybe there are some of you that waste days to fix this. it drove me nuts.

Unzip logstash (any version) to Windows 10 - English us Locale.
Unziped using "win zip" and "win rar".

None of "bat"s work (or sometimes only logstash.bat works).
Error: "Could not find or load main class Files\Microsoft".

Take a new archive (I took the tar.gz) and use 7-zip NOT winrar or win zip.
RUN bin/setup.bat to fix the previous crap.
Run logstash-plugin list or what ever- if it works you are done:)

I think this issue is present in kibana files too - yesterday one of my colleagues had weird issues when installing kibana on windows.

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