Kibana 7.8 ZIP for Windows - extraction fail

On my W 10 1903 system, even the attempt to view the downloaded Kibana 7.8 zipped package does crash the explorer - unzipping it kills the whole system. There are 2 options - something is severely wrong with my machine, or something is severely wrong with the package. I'd prefer option 2, actually. I'd be happy to get information from people that have experienced the same issues, and how they have solved them.

I just downloaded the 7.8 kibana package - on windows VM, works as expected. Might be some issue wit your machine. Can you try on a different machine ?


Thanks for your reply, I must have bad luck - tried the download on another W10 platform (hardened, completely unrelated to the 1st one; unfortunately, I would need it on W10 for a PoC), and no joy again - while everything else in the stack did unpack smoothly. Well, sometimes you loose, and sometimes the others win.

@Marius_Dragomir - can you plz double check windows package for 7.8 on ur windows machine ?


OK, I understand now - the Kibana archive for Windows seems to contain as much as 146.793 elements. That's not that easy to handle. Consider splitting it.



Hi, there is ongoing work on that. To bypass it you can use another unzip program, like 7-zip. The windows explorer default one is really bad at handling large numbers of files.

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