Issue unzipping Kibana 7.10 installation file (

Hi, I get an error message when unzipping Towards the end of the extraction process I get the error message

Skipping file: unable to create a sensible filename out of "C:\Users\...\add_documents_accordion.scss"

I have already tried to unzip it in a short folder name, i.e. c:\Temp, but to no success. It seems the temporary files are still extracted to a long Windows path in Application Data.
Can anyone advise please!


Looks like that path is right up against the 200 character limit we impose on the build.


Since Windows has a 260 character limit which can be disabled in Windows 10 (details). The archive includes the archive name kibana-7.10.0-windows-x86_64. This brings us to 229. With c:\Temp that puts us at 237, so we should technically be well under the 260 limit.

i would recommend trying 7zip to extract the active if you haven't already. The unzip will also be substantially faster using that as well.

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