Error : Could not find plugin descriptor while Installing plugin manually by downloading .zip file

What should be the location of file - ''?

/bin/plugin install file:/downloads/
-> Installing from file:/downloads/
Trying file:/downloads/ ...
Downloading .DONE
Verifying file:/downloads/ checksums if available ...
NOTE: Unable to verify checksum for downloaded plugin (unable to find .sha1 or .md5 file to verify)
ERROR: Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip

I have run into this recently, too, while upgrading from ES 1.3.9 to 2.2. The properties file needs to be in the root folder of the plugin.

[plugin descriptor file]( plugin_descriptor_file)

Looks like the problem I am facing is very common when

  • deploying a plugin from local destination
  • when server cannot access github / outside servers (due to security)
  • new users (like myself)

The plugin owner / ElasticSearch should have a standard solution for such an issue, as I see so many people asking same question again and again. Especially new users like me.

At present I don't have solution to issue that I have posted.

Or may be the plugins you are trying to install are incompatible with elasticsearch version you are using?

I checked the version of plugin - cvs-master.
This version development is specifically started for version ElasticSearch 2.x.

there must be something in my setup.

This source code is not an Elasticsearch plugin at all.

Do you have any suggestion on loading csv data into ElasticSearch.
The google search and search within github is showing too many options.

This could help:

But you have many other alternatives...

I was also facing the same issue but spending an entire day what I found that the plugin which i am trying to install is not compatible with the version of Elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch(2.4.5) was installed from repository and plugin was downloaded directly from site, it was 5.4. I extracted and opened to check what version of elasticsearch is mentioned and compiled against, I found 5.4

So, removed ES and installed using the Deb package downloaded from site .
It works (y)