Error: fail to enroll: error 400 fleet-server BadRequest


After reading all the topics linked to my problem, i still could not solve it.
My Elastic-Agent was installed correctly but the enrollment doesn't work, at first i only read the warning saying that remote server is not ready but after following the troubleshooting guide and using the commands that were given, i found out that the error behind that is ; "Error: fail to enroll: fail to execute request to fleet-server: status code: 400, fleet-server returned an error: BadRequest."

I could enroll without any problem on a virtual machine , but on my company's server its not working, do you have any idea of what would be the problem ?

Thanks for reading me !

Hello @Mouc,

could you share which version of the Elastic Agent you're using? Also are you using Elastic Cloud or deploying Fleet Server manually? Last but not least is there any difference on the network from your VM and the servers, a proxy or something else between our company's server and Fleet Server that isn't present between the VM and Fleet Server?

Hello !

Thank you for your answer but I finally found the solution.

It was the lack of disk space, but it was hard to guess since the agent could be installed but not enrolled, since the install was filling the rest of the partition into which the agent was installed, it was not possible for the fleet server to run normally because of this lack.

Tips to fix -

Check the Submitted URL.
Clear Browser Cache.
Clear Browser Cookies.
File Upload Exceeds Server Limit.
Clear DNS Cache.
Deactivate Browser Extensions.

Rachel Gomez

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