ERROR: Failed to verify bootstrap password when setting built in user's password

I have imported and started Elasticsearch Source Code into an IntelliJ IDEA project. I want to create the password for the built-in users
To enable security, I passed as a parameter in Gradle command by referring to this answer

  1. I created the elasticsearch.keystore, for that I used this command:

./bin/elasticsearch-keystore create -p

  1. Now to set the built-in users password, I ran the following command

    ./bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

But it gives the following error :

        ./elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive
    Enter password for the elasticsearch keystore :
    Failed to authenticate user 'elastic' against
    Possible causes include:
     * The password for the 'elastic' user has already been changed on this cluster
     * Your elasticsearch node is running against a different keystore
       This tool used the keystore at /Users/amit.khandelwal/code/elasticsearch/build/testclusters/runTask-0/distro/8.0.0-DEFAULT/config/elasticsearch.keystore
    ERROR: Failed to verify bootstrap password

I referred the following links

Unable to change elastic user password


But still, I am not able to resolve this issue. I even asked this question on Stackoverflow, but got no answer.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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