How to enable x-pack security when running elasticsearch locally from source code

I am running the latest Elasticsearch code(taken from the master branch on 17th April 2020) and its running successfully and I was able to start it in debug mode in Intellij by following Failing to run on Intellij in debug mode.

Now I want to debug some x-pack security-related issue and for that, I need to put a breakpoint in class and need to have a .security the index also needs to create some users.

I was able to configure security in my local Elasticsearch node by following the but that required putting below configs in elasticsearch.yml. : true true

Now, .security index is created and I was also able to create a new user with password, but when I deleted the user or get the user using the API, it's not hitting the breakpoint in methods like

Please advise how can I use the debugger in this case?

Thanks in advance

Hi @amitmbm,

You can set settings by passing them as parameters to your gradle command, prefixed by

for instance, to enable security , pass

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