Error from watchers post upgrade to 5.4.3


So I've done an upgrade recently from Elastic 5.3.2 to elastic 5.4.3 this may or may not be a factor in this.

I started to look into a performance issue I'm having post upgrade and found my watches were erorring with the following.

"exception": {
"type": "version_conflict_engine_exception",
"reason": "[watch][watch_f197030bb3bf586a31fcfe26a0a58f19253e5e93]: version conflict, current version [116079] is different than the one provided [116078]"

I've checked the xpack, elastic and kibana versions are the same across the nodes so I'm not sure what this relates to or how to go about resolving it.

has anyone got any ideas?


can you try to stop and start watcher again?

POST _xpack/watcher/_stop
POST _xpack/watcher/_start


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