Error handling geopoint values

Hi all

For geopoint fields,

  1. is ignore_malformed option the proper way to keep non-geopoint formats not indexed? My concern is whether there is any performance impact if my data has a lot of null and out of range latlon values

  2. Is there a standard practice to error handle these non-geopoint values?

Any help is appreciated. thanks!

Side note: if ignore_malformed is used, then a parsing exception of that field will not return an error, but the field is simply not indexed.

The main question is, are your document values malformed that they throw an exception? Or are the values just bad, so it would return weird results?

Because there might not be any geopoint for some records, so "null" is possible. When ingesting null, there will be exception. Using ignore_malformed option might have subside the issue but my concern is whether there will be any performance issue behind the scene

No, there are not.

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