Error in scripted field, working with arrays of objects


I think I have found an error, in the way Kibana/Scripted Fields handles arrays of objects. My example is this.

My ES Data:

{"@timestamp":"2021-02-28T22:59:38.786Z", "message":"ExclusionsDeparturesArrivalsExeption: Flights from CPH to ISB is not allowed.","additional":{"searchQuery":{"flights":[{"departure":"CPH","arrival":"ISB","departureDateTime":"30.03.2021 07:00:00"},{"departure":"ISB","arrival":"CPH","departureDateTime":"06.04.2021 07:00:00"}]}}}
{"@timestamp":"2021-02-28T22:59:42.761Z", "message":"ExclusionsDeparturesArrivalsExeption: Flights from CPH to RIX is not allowed.","additional":{"searchQuery":{"flights":[{"departure":"CPH","arrival":"RIX","departureDateTime":"04.03.2021 08:00:00"},{"departure":"RIX","arrival":"CPH","departureDateTime":"06.05.2021 07:00:00"}]}}}

If I create a scripted fields like this:

if (!doc.containsKey("") || doc[""].empty) {
    return null;

def tmp = params._source["additional"];

tmp.departure + "->" + tmp.arrival;

It will return the correct values.


The problem with this, is I cannot use it as a filter in a dashboard, because of params doesn't contain _source when used as filter.

If I do this instead, which in my world should give the same result:

if (!doc.containsKey("") || doc[""].empty) {
    return null;

doc[""][0] + "->" + doc[""][0]

I get this result:


If i use arrival[1] instead I get the correct result. That must be an error?

Another problem with this, is if i use it as a filter, I will still get results containing parts of the string from the scripted field. It doesn't make a keyword match, it is more like a text match.


Do you have your data saved as an array or as nested data type?

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