Error in visualization [esaggs] > Service unavailable when time filtering

Hi, I'm fairly new to kibana, I wanna ask about this error I keep getting every time I set the filter time range in my dashboard to a wide range

and when I click the see the full error it just shows the exact same error as the notification

although from my experiment it seems like the time range has nothing to do with the error because I can still search that one day 30 days ago if I filtered it to just one day, it seems that every time the doc count exceeds 1900 it triggers the error (the filter worked just fine if I just showed below 1900 docs, my highest is 1884 docs, and then it always shows this error when I believe it has exceeds 1900 docs), does data table does have a limit on how many docs it could have ? do kibana have a workaround to show more data if it's true?

Hey @Kevin_Renalda, welcome to the discussion boards!

Sorry you're having trouble with dashboard filtering here. I'm not aware of a strict limit on the number of documents that Kibana can handle here. It would mostly be a function of document size & available memory to process them.

How do you have Kibana & Elasticsearch deployed? Is there a proxy anywhere in your setup that may be throwing an error?

How quickly does the error appear after submitting the request? How does this timing compare to the requests that succeed?

thank you for the reply @Larry_Gregory ,we're deploying kibana on VM server and using company's proxy

it takes 1-2 seconds when it succeeds, the error also take the same time to appear
it also seems like every time i reduced the number of column to show, the maximum limit for the error to not show up also increased by a bit

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