Error install kibana last version

I've installed elastcisearch without any problems in the last version,things are OK but when i installl kibana, it says "kibana server is not ready yet".
In my configuration file, i've just filled the port,url of kibana.
But, when i launch manually kibana, i've this strange error which is a bit strange

If someone has an idea because i don't see how to solve it.

How did you install Kibana?

tar.gz or a package?

Make sure your are starting it the correct way.

by package, it's the method i use to do this

Then you need to start kibana with the correct method as shown in the docs ...
systemctl etc ... you can not just execute the binary, that is the cause of your issue.

This is not the correct method
eagle@ubuntu:/usr/share/kibana/bin$ ./kibana

.. when you start like that it is not looking for the correct path for kibana.yml which is /etc/kibana/kibana.yml

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When i do systemctl, i 've the message "kibana server is not ready yet".
After, when i start kibana manually, i've the error.

There are many topics on "kibana server not ready", typically it means it can not connect to Elasticsearch.

Starting Kibana manually as you are trying will not work.

As stated in the docs, You can look at more detailed logs with

journalctl -u kibana.service

Are Kibana and Elasticsearch on the same server?

I've found the problem and now, all is OK.
There was a mismatch between Elasticsearch and kibana configuration file.

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Sometimes we ask that you post what solved the issue so others may find, if not no worries.

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