Error installing local plugin

I have in my kibana directory a custom plugin "custom_plugin" My impression from reading this portion of the elastic docs is that the directory needs to be zipped.

So based on that, I do:

zip -r custom_plugin

Then, adhering to the elastic doc example, I run:

mkdir plugins

bin/kibana-plugin install file:/// -d plugins

I get the following output:

Warning: Using the -d, --plugin-dir option is deprecated, and is known to not work for all plugins, including X-Pack.

Attempting to transfer from file:/// Error: ENOTFOUND

Attempting to transfer from

Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No valid url specified."

Apologies about the docs, I can see how they would be misleading.

There's no need to zip if the files are available, you can throw them in the plugins folder and it'll be picked up automatically. For the plugin installer CLI - you have the right idea, I would use an absolute path to be sure. Its looking for the file in your root directory (eg / So either file:// or file:///home/me/kibana/

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