[ERROR][logstash.outputs.jms ] Unknown setting 'properties' for jms

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We are currently trying to migrate our log centralisation handle by old logstash 2.3.2 to logstash 6.5.0.

But, we encounter an error :
[ERROR][logstash.outputs.jms ] Unknown setting 'properties' for jms

there is the output :
jms {
yaml_file => "/product/LOGSTASH/conf/conf.yml"
yaml_section => "ems"
destination => "Q.ELASTIC.INFO"
properties => { "REPORT_TYPE" => "%{type}" }

i didn't find any doc about the possibility of add jms properties in jms output logstash plugin in the logstash 6.5.0 doc.

How I can do it ?

Thank you.

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Actually, it was a manual modification of the ruby code.

Here the code for thoses are interested vby this functionality
cd %logstashInstall%/vendor/bundle/jruby/%VERSION_RUBY%/gems/logstash-output-jms-%VERSION_PLUGIN%/lib/logstash/outputs
cp jms.rb jms.rb_backup

add a getter/setter for the properties :
config :properties, :validate => :hash

Then modify the receive function :

        #MODIFICATION, get message in variable
        #iterate on the properties specified in the logstash pipeline config, then add it to the message
        @properties.each do |prop,value|
        #then send the message
      rescue => e
        @logger.warn("Failed to send event to JMS", :event => event, :exception => e,
                     :backtrace => e.backtrace)

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