Error: master not discovered exception setting up cluster

Having all sorts of issues getting my cluster to work properly. using 7.6.1

On node1 I'm able to set my passwords on my machine without error. On node 2 and 3 I get

./elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

Failed to determine the health of the cluster running at
Unexpected response code [503] from calling GET http://10.10.10.B:9200/_cluster/health?pretty
Cause: master_not_discovered_exception

It is recommended that you resolve the issues with your cluster before running elasticsearch-setup-passwords.

Node set up. this is set up on all machines. from everything I read this is correct way to set up.

------------------------------------ Node -----------------------------------

Use a descriptive name for the node: logs1

Add custom attributes to the node:

node.master: true true

--------------------------------- Discovery ---------------------------------

Pass an initial list of hosts to perform discovery when this node is started:

The default list of hosts is ["", "[::1]"]

#discovery.seed_hosts: ["host1", "host2"]
discovery.seed_hosts: ["10.10.10.A", "10.10.10.B", "10.10.10.C"]

Bootstrap the cluster using an initial set of master-eligible nodes:

cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["10.10.10.A", "10.10.10.B", "10.10.10.C"]

#to avoid split brain ([Master Eligible Node) / 2 + 1])
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2

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