Error on index template creation: "composable template [...] template after composition is invalid"

Subject really says it all.

version 7.14

The cluster is new and has just one node for testing and this is the first datastream I have tried to create.

One thing that is puzzling me is what does it mean by "composable template"?

I create the template in kibana from that index-templates page.

There is this message in the ES server log:

[2021-12-07T07:21:21,066][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetadataIndexTemplateService] [secmonprd08] adding index template [simulate_template_6vmtsg5kq_eziqoggn7r-a] for index patterns [45a298b8-5fa9-479c-a4a0-340b1410d769]

the template now has no index setting, component templates or aliases.  Just mapping.   I have created mapping both by hand and by json.

The only thing I turned up when searching the message was a discussion on github amongst ES developers about how unsatisfactory the message was!

I have managed to work around this by the simple expedient of first creating an, effectively, empty template (name and index pattern) and then editing the template to add the mappings.

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