Error : port 5601 is already in use.Another instance of kibana may be running

Hello Team

I have installed the Kibana on the Win 10. while running the Kibana it gives the below error
FATAL Error : port 5601 is already in use.Another instance of Kibana may be running.

  1. I tried checking if this port is used by other application but none of the application is using this port.
  2. Tried changing the port 5601 to 5602 in the ymal file and tried. But still got the error.

Need help on what else can be done.


When you changed the port in the kibana.yml file, did you get the same error - or did it then say 5602 was already in use?

If you go to localhost:5601 in your browser, is it Kibana that is loading?

Hello Tyler

  1. Even after changing the yml still get the error that 5602, still get the same error.
  2. No... Kibana does not load. It says Site can't be reached. Below is the screen shot

Lets see if we can figure out what is using the port. From a PowerShell can you run:

Get-Process -Id (Get-NetTCPConnection -LocalPort 5601).OwningProcess

Getting this after running the above command

It doesn't seem like you ran the command as provided. Would you mind trying again and include the command in the screenshot as well?

Plz find the below screen shot request with the command

Hello Team....
Any suggestions ??

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