Error Registry File

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I have an issue with Filebeat in Windows. Sometimes, when the computer is rebooted, Filebeat is not able to start. I see in the log the next error:

2017-03-30T11:06:31+01:00 ERR Error decoding old state: invalid character '\x00' looking for beginning of value

I am using Filebeat 5.2.2 and Windows 7. I set in the configuration the registry file's path:

filebeat.registry_file: c:/filebeat/data/filebeat

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Can you post what's inside the registry file. \x00 is a null character. Maybe the file was not properly closed while shutdown.

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I had similar problems if a file file is formatted as UTF-16. Can you try to open the file with notepad and explicitly save it as UFT-8. Then reboot your machine and see if the error still occurs.

This sounds like you are encountering this issue:

Try 5.3.0 and see if it reoccurs.

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I am going to test with Filebeat 5.3.0.

Thank very much :slight_smile:


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