Filebeat will not start CentOS 7

So I am having a pretty big problem... Filebeat will not start as a service at all. It passes the config test so I know that my filebeat.yml is set up correctly. Here is weird part:

I am running this in a VM, and if I revert to a snapshot to the previous day then Filebeat works. Of course that really is no help because restarting a machine is pretty necessary.

As you can see above, logstash is running fine. Packetbeat is also running perfectly fine on this same box, it is just filebeat. I have tried with packetbeat running and not running with the same results.

Here is the log file from Filebeat

I don't know what else to try... the only output that I get when I run with '-d' for debug mode is this:

Exiting: Could not start registrar: Error loading state: Error decoding states: EOF

Like I said reboot doesn't do anything and the rest of this server is running fine.

Did you have Filebeat working properly at one point? Did you experience any kind of power failure or hard shutdown?

You should be able to remove the registry file at /var/lib/filebeat/registry and Filebeat should start.

It sounds like you might be experiencing this issue: Can you please leave a comment on the Github issue saying you are also affected by it if you think it's the same issue.

Thank you very much! I deleted the registry file, and did the follow commands and now it works.

rm -r registry
systemctl reset-failed filebeat
systemctl start filebeat

I commented on the GitHub as well, thanks again.

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