Error Starting logstash When Using path.config in pipelines.yml

Hi, I have a very simple pipelines.yml file defined with a single pipeline. It looks like this:

- testPipe1
path.config: "/tmp/test.conf"
pipeline.workers: 1

when starting logstash I received the following error:

ERROR: Failed to read pipelines yaml file. Location [path to file].pipelines.yml

, where "path to file" is valid path to yaml file.

the contents of test.conf are:

input { stdin {} } output { stout {codec => rubydebug} }

when I comment out path.config line and use:

config.string: input { stdin {} } output { stout {codec => rubydebug} }

, then logstash creates the pipeline and starts up fine.

What is going on here? Grateful for any insights. thanks

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