Error when using lens with time shift

Hi guys!

I've tried the new lens time shift feature, everything works fine with dates indexed as "strict_date_time", but when I try that on index with dates indexed as "epoch_millis" I get the following error:

Is this something yet to be fixed by Kibana developers?

Hey, this is not a known problem. Could you share your mapping and maybe an example document to reproduce the issue?

PUT /test
  "settings" : {
    "index" : {
      "number_of_shards" : 1,
      "number_of_replicas" : 0,
      "refresh_interval" : "1s"
  "mappings" : {
    "dynamic" : "strict",
    "date_detection" : false,
    "properties" : {
      "timestamp" : {
        "type" : "date",
        "format" : "epoch_millis"
POST test/_doc/
  "timestamp": 1636749579080

I've just figured out that timestamp on the error message is related to the time range of the visualization, not the timestamp from the document.

Thank you, this is very helpful. This is indeed a bug in the time shift logic (and also in the field existence logic, but that one is not as severe). I opened issues here:

We are going to fix them as soon as possible.

no problem, thanks for your support!

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