Error while connecting Elastic Enterprise search

Hello everyone can anybody help me out setting up Enterprise search in elastic.
i have deployed elastic in ubuntu 22 whereas kibana ,logstash and elastic is working fine but when i tried to set up enterprise search an error was encountered .Does anyone have a idea regarding this.

If I’m not mistaken, Enterprise search is a separate package that you need to install and configure, like what you’ve had to do with Elasticsearch and kibana

Hello @Vishal_Gurung, welcome to the Elastic community! Indeed, Enterprise Search is a separate product that requires installation. I understand that you're running Elastic and Kibana on a local machine. You can find a list of different installation options for Enterprise Search on this page, but since you are running a local deployment, the easiest path might be docker. The other option would be doing a self-managed installation on your machine, which is a bit more involved. Hope this helps!

Ok i am currently on the process of doing it

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