Error while connection to Elasticsearch (503, The server refuse to browse the page)


I am having trouble sending data from Heartbeat to Elasticsearch (both version 7.3). On the same server runs an instance of apm-server which makes no trouble, so I used the same configuration for elasticsearch giving the server (real IP, not localhost), username
and password. Still I get

2020-03-14T11:41:45.424Z	DEBUG	[elasticsearch]	elasticsearch/client.go:723	Ping request failed with: 503 Service Unavailable: <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>ERROR</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>

The server refuse to browse the page.<BR>
The URL or other input may not be correct. Please confirm the value.<BR>
URL: <b></b><br>
ERROR: <b>CONNECT( Connection timed out</b><br>

<HR><DIV ALIGN=right>Powered by F-Secure</DIV>

2020-03-14T11:41:46.468Z	INFO	pipeline/output.go:93	Attempting to reconnect to backoff(elasticsearch( with 1 reconnect attempt(s)
2020-03-14T11:41:46.468Z	DEBUG	[elasticsearch]	elasticsearch/client.go:719	ES Ping(url=

as reponse. I am running heartbeat with sudo, since otherwise it doesn't seem to work to create a tcp connection. When starting heartbeat with -d '*' I see that the IP I want to ping seems to work.
In the elasticsearch.yml the host is given as

Hope anyone knows where the problem is. Thanks!

Something here is different. It seems that you're hitting an F-Secure device instead of elasticsearch. Furthermore, given the timeout error it seems the F-Secure device cannot reach Elasticsearch.

Can you ping Elasticsearch from the same box as heartbeat using say cURL?


thanks for answering. You are right, the problem turned out having nothing to do with Elasticsearch itself but a network proxy that was in between Heartbeat and Elasticsearch. Thanks!

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