Error while deleting an index in elasticsearch

(Pavithra K C) #1

One of my cluster status turned to red while I was trying to delete documents from an index.

Out of 5 shards, 4 were stuck at "INITIALIZING" state and I could not reroute it since it is a primary shard.

Restart of elasticsearch did not change the state to UNASSIGNED as well.

So I ended up deleting the index using CURL command.

But deleting the index also failed.

I still the index and its respective shards existing.

cmdty_cme_inbound 3 p INITIALIZING lxpbjtu
cmdty_cme_inbound 1 p INITIALIZING lxpbjtu
cmdty_cme_inbound 2 p STARTED 8610204 14.4gb lxpbjtu
cmdty_cme_inbound 4 p INITIALIZING lxpbjtu
cmdty_cme_inbound 0 p INITIALIZING lxpbjtu

I want to use other indices running under the same cluster. So I want to make this cluster healthy.

Please advise.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Please show logs and or error responses.

(system) #3

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