Error while genrating reports

I am working with Kibana versio 7.9 and I tried to generate a PDF report of my dashboad. Keep getting the below error

Unable to generate report

Error: Error spawning Chromium browser: [Error: Protocol error (Target.setDiscoverTargets): Target closed.]

Can you post an excerpt from your kibana logs when the reporting job fails? Kibana should be writing errors to the log indicating what happened.
Can you try following the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this page for your particular error message?

cc @tsullivan/ @joelgriffith

Hi, the error message seems to say that the headless browser couldn't stay running through the entire PDF export.

I recommend trying Reporting on a server that has more RAM available.

I have the below configuration. Is it not sufficient?

Any updates?

Hi again, I hope things have been worked out on your side by now. If not, there is more general guidance I can provide:

  • The RAM that matters is how much RAM is available to the Chromium headless browser at the time when a report job is executed. Metric logs of memory usage on the server can help a lot here.
  • The link that Rashmi provided here will get you the furthest on troubleshooting and how to do it. Pay special attention to the system requirements section, and the list of dependencies, file permissions, nss requirement, and Chromium sandbox setting.
  • In 7.10, there will be a built-in troubleshooting tool that tracks error messages from Chromium and interprets it into steps that an administrator can do to fix Reporting.

Hope that helps!

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