Error in creating a PDF report for a canvas workpad


I am trying to use the share feature to generate a PDF report of a canvas workpad I have created. However, when I try to generate the report I am met with 2 errors when trying multiple times:

  1. Error: Error spawning Chromium browser: [TimeoutError: waiting for target failed: timeout 30000ms exceeded]

  2. Error: Error spawning Chromium browser: [Error: Protocol error (Target.setDiscoverTargets): Target closed.]

I am on kibana version 7.9.1

Is there anyway to solve this error, I have had a look around and I cannot seem to find anything so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @hNiven,

In order to help we need to see your Kibana logs, it should give more details about the issue.

I can recommend reading troubleshooting guide and try generating report on a server that has more RAM:

  • headless browser (used by reporting plugin) failed to stay alive during your report generation
  • pay attention to the system requirements in the link above
  • starting 7.10 reporting has in-built troubleshooting tool, but before that you need to do all investigations on your own.

Regards, Dzmitry

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