Es 1.3.2, filesystem snapshot question

I have a cluster (1.3.2) of 10 data nodes and 5 master nodes.

I want to take a snapshot of one index.

I'd like to configure a new "fs" snapshot "mybackupdir" where the
"location" is ONLY accessible from the node (master node) I am issuing the
snapshot creation PUT against.

Next, if I issue a snapshot PUT for "mybackupdir/backup1" against the
master node where that location is indeed accessible, will this work? Does
the node that gets the snapshot request pull all the shard data from the
data nodes over to itself and write them to the snapshot dir on disk? Or
does each data-node responsible for each shard attempt to write to that
same location? (thereby requiring that the snapshot "location" be
accessible by all 15 nodes...)

I ask this because I have a cluster that spans two data-centers and they
don't all have access to a globally available NFS share where I could have
a common mount path for the snapshots root


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