ES 2.4.0 + Java project (SQL server - daos, mappers, xmls)

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Hi all,

First, I want to apologize in advance if I don't ask the question in a way you would understand better, but I'm junior programmer and I have this heavy task (my head is gonna explode), so I don't know better even if I wanted to.

So, we have our software, project where we use Spring Boot 1.5 and the data from SQL server (we are using DAO, Mapper, Xml system). Because of the Spring Boot 1.5, I can't use ES 6 and my boss told me to use ES 2.4.0 and Transport Client.

I can't find a way (to do all in this java project) where I will index some sql tables (probably using their DAO :confused: ) and later create methods for searches as well.

Which material or guides I should use? If you need any more info, please let me know.

Thank you very, very much.

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I don't know for old Spring boot versions and old elasticsearch versions.
2.x is EOL'ed anyway so you should not use that.
Transport Client will be removed in the future so you should not use that.

I have a demo project which is using the latest versions in case it helps.

And here is a blog post (old though) which describes it

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Thank you, I saw that and the next step I planned is to go step by step and refactor that in methods for ES 2.4.0, since I can't find any similar material on the web. So good luck to me.

We can't move further from Spring Boot 1.5 at the moment and that's the biggest problem, unfortunately.

I will leave this open for few days, if someone happen to work on this earlier.

Thank you David, once again

P.S. I opened your blog and there is ES 1.5 used, maybe there is a chance it will suit for ES 2.4.0 better than the application you put on Git?

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I was using indeed older versions when I started. Was not with spring boot though.
As long as you don't use elasticsearch spring data project, that should not be an issue.
Create your own elasticsearch component that you inject in the service layer.

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