ES 5.6 not detecting SSD?


I'm running ES 5.6 on a cloud VM with an SSD. However, ES reports the drive as spinning, possibly due to virtualization, as shown below.

Is there anyway of configuring ES to use the drive as an SSD, or is this not advisable? I'm asking because this ES article seems to indicate that ES will handle an SSD differently, namely by increasing concurrency, so it wouldn't make much sense in having an SSD being used as a spinning disk.

Output from /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational is 1

Output from _cluster/stats is:

"fs" : {
"total" : "375.3gb",
"total_in_bytes" : 403036434432,
"free" : "211.9gb",
"free_in_bytes" : 227616387072,
"available" : "192.8gb",
"available_in_bytes" : 207119716352,
"spins" : "true"

Output from smartmontools:

Vendor: QEMU
Revision: 2.5+
User Capacity: 409,600,000,000 bytes [409 GB]
Logical block size: 512 bytes
LU is thin provisioned, LBPRZ=0
Rotation Rate: 5400 rpm
Device type: disk

Thank you :slight_smile:

The SSD detection is no longer used to configure merge threads etc. Instead, we assume SSDs now and recommend that users on spinning disks configure the merge threads etc. appropriately. In fact, in 6.0+ we have removed displaying that detection at all.

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