ES 6.5: How should I reindex with millions of documents?

I'd like to resolve a simple mapping conflict, only it may not be so simple since I have many daily indexes and each contains millions of documents. For now I'm just trying to figure out how I can, as quickly as possible, reindex just one of the indexes and go from there.

I was eyeing the _reindex API, but before I commit to this in a production environment can anyone tell me if there are any practical limitations to the _reindex API? Could I trust it to operate reliably or event efficiently against millions of records as-is? I will potentially have to reindex up to 30 days worth of daily indexes of this size.

Elastic documentation doesn't really talk about limitations, and search results haven't given me much in the way of what I'm looking for and so I'm here looking for some guidance on how I can accomplish this task as quickly/efficiently as possible.


I have used the reindex api with big indices having millions of records. No problem works like a charm ! I had just change de batch size parameter (increase to 5000 if I remember)


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