Reindex 320 000 documents takes hours

(Hieu Dang) #1

My project use Elastic Search for 320 000 documents, we need to reindex daily, but it takes hours for each time. I dont have much exp in ES so could you please help me:

  1. it is nomarl to take such long time?
  2. How to identify the problems and possible problems in this case

thanks a lot!

(Yannick Welsch) #2

A few thoughts here:

(Mark Walkom) #3

+1 to those comments.

Providing more details around why and how you are doing it would be useful.

(Hieu Dang) #4

sorry for unclear question (bow)
I had time to review the problem,

  1. it about the maintainance policy, not everyday.
  2. the bottleneck here is when we query records from Mysql and send to ES. So now I cope with Mysql and logic problems.

thanks for answering!

And now I have a problem with ES 2.1 I will create another thread

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