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Hello folks,

I have 3 nodes in my cluster. I can start and reach them without issue when I have not enabled xpack. When I enable security to do elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto, I have an error when it tries to reach my cluster.

Config added true true

I ran /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto --verbose, it cannot go further thanChecking cluster health: http://<ClusterIP>:9200/_cluster/health?pretty.


Unexpected response code [503] from calling PUT http://:9200/_security/user/apm_system/_password?pretty
Cause: Cluster state has not been recovered yet, cannot write to the [null] index

Possible next steps:

  • Try running this tool again.
  • Try running with the --verbose parameter for additional messages.
  • Check the elasticsearch logs for additional error details.
  • Use the change password API manually.

According to FSE course, you have to add true only. However it doesn't work and it asks for true. I have tried to set it to false, no success.

Any insight ?

That configuration is insufficient for configuring transport SSL.
It lacks any key or trust material (certificates) so your 3 nodes cannot connect to each other over SSL.
We have a guide for setting up SSL here:

You will need to generate certificates for each of your nodes, and configure them to trust one another.

Thanks a lot Tim. So as I understand the configuration for SSL with Basic license, those settings are also required since server aren't able to reach each other. true true certificate certificates.p12 certificates.p12

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