ES 7.9.1 - No Lens option

Good morning,
We're currently investigating Kibana as a solution.
Locally I am running 7.9.2 and when creating a new Visualizations I can select Lens. On our AWS version (7.9.1) we don't appear to have this option. However, it looks like Lens has been available since 7.5.

Any guidance on why this may not be appearing?

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That is correct, the AWS managed version of Elastic Search is based on the open source version, so it will only have the features available with the open source license.

The Lens feature in Kibana is only available when using the Elastic license.

You can see the differences on the subscriptions page.

Many thanks Leandro :+1:

Our Elasticsearch Service contains all of these features, it comes with a 2 week trial if you want to check it out -

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