ES 7.9.2 showing wrong results for _cat/allocation API

Hi Team,

We have recently installed ES 7.9.2, When i look at the _cat/allocation API it is showing wrong results for disk.used column. Below are the details

shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail 
 6        321mb    85.5gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 
 5       11.6mb    85.2gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 
 6      217.7mb    85.4gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 
 6         15mb    85.2gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 
 6      136.7mb    85.4gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 
 5      235.6mb    85.4gb      1.8tb      1.9tb 

Not sure if this is bug or something changes at API level.

If any one using ES 7.9.2 version, Please check and provide your suggestions