ES Azure plugin not backing up data onto Storage Account

Hi there

I have a 3 node Elasticsearch 5.3.0 cluster hosted on Azure. I have deployed the ES Azure plugin onto all the nodes.
When I send this PUT request to the Backup API it is not storing any snapshot files on the specified storage account (the only thing it does is to create the default elasticsearch-snapshots storage container inside the actual storage account)

I have checked the logs on each node and all I can see is this:

'[2017-07-19T16:19:00,649][INFO ][o.e.r.RepositoriesService] [es01] update repository [my_backup1]'

this is the PUT html request I'm seding to the each node:

curl -XPUT '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'{ "type": "azure" }'
  "acknowledged" : true

I have tried using DEBUG logging mode too and still can't see anything on the logs. Anyone can throw some light here please?

Thank you

The command you've issued will create the azure repository. You can verify that the repository has been successfully created with

curl -XPOST ''

Now, to snapshot your data in Elasticsearch to it would be

curl -XPUT ''

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