Creation of Elasticsearch respository using azure plugin?


I have one azure storage account(xxx) and for that i had created two repositories like this:

1)    PUT _snapshot/sample_backup

  2)  PUT _snapshot/ex_backup

When i created a snapshot using curator with the field repository: sample_backup the snapshot is creating in both the repositories than creating at sample_backup and in the same way delete also happening (i.e. when i am deleting a snapshot in one repository it is deleting the same in the other too)

May i know why this is happening? Do i have to create only one repository for one storage account, is it like that?


Because you are writing at the exact same place.

Change container or base_path options

Thanks @dadoonet

When i am creating a respository in azure like [quote="Yaswanth, post:1, topic:81812"]

where this will be stored , Whether in azure or in my local environment ?

Because i checked in azure i didn't see repository name sample_backup created . I can see only the contents of sample_backup.


sample_backup is an elasticsearch "internal" reference. It does not imply any container name.

The default container name is elasticsearch-snapshots.

Look at

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