ES backup using EBS

Hi All,

We have been using an elastic search cluster with 3 nodes , running on aws
machines , we have been using EBS for work and data directory of
elasticsearch . I was experimenting with backup using EBS snapshots , here
is what I did

1.) created a snapshot of one ebs volume (say, alpha)
2.) deleted the index
3.) shutdown the cluster
4.) unmounted the ebs volume on alpha (say /mnt/data )
5.) created a new volume from snapshot and mounted on alpha in the same
location (/mnt/data)
6.) restarted elastic search on one node only
cluster went to red state , all shards in unassigned
7.) restarted another node with blank data (/mnt/data ) directory
cluster red state , all shards STILL in UNASSIGNED STATE
8.) manually allocated shards to node
recovered no documents , few kbs of data got restored

can anyone please help me debug this , what am I doing wrong , is there a
better way to do this ??

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