ES behaviour with characters like $ and @ in a query?

I'm trying to test out how our system (and ES) actually change what a user is submitting into a query and what the expected response back should be. I have a post that has in it's content "Nee$ha". So I have submitted the search query of "nee$ha". In the response, I noticed that the highlighted information that comes back is:

When I run nee$ha through the analyzer, I notice it gets split into two tokens:

    curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_analyze" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
        "analyzer": "standard",
        "text": "nee$ha"



What I can't quite figure out, is what is actually happening in ES. I think it's turning it into an AND query, requiring for both nee and ha in the same result. And that the $ essentially is considered a delimiter between words much like a . or ,. It's being passed into the query as "query": "content:(\"nee$ha\")" so it hasn't been explicitly turned into an AND and our default operator is an OR.

Is this the right interpretation? And, more so, how do I get it to actually search for the $ and not ignore it?

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