ES cluster 5.5.0 + rest client api + scroll api

The java rest client api 5.5.0 does not support scroll api? am i right?
and I found java rest client api 5.6.4 support scroll api, can I use rest client 5.6.4 with cluster 5.5.0?
by the way, my es cluster server is jdk8(es v 5.5.0), and my program client server is jdk7(rest client v 5.6.4), is this ok?

Normally it should work

Do you mean the last question's answer is should work?

Can I use rest client 5.6.4 with cluster 5.5.0?

Yes. It should work.

High Level Rest Client can not work with Java 1.7

got it, thanks. I feel the rest client api is not stable yet, jest and rest client api which one do you prefer?(Java)

I'm biased. I'm working at elastic.

I prefer the official Rest Client because it's constantly updated and its source code is part of the elasticsearch repository. So we're sure it is tested everytime.

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